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mayor nugent sqWelcome to the official Village of Manteno web site. The Village elected officials and Staff work hard to try and make information about the Village of Manteno readily available and easy for our citizens and visitors to access. Manteno is a great Community with a lot to offer and the web site is a great place to explore what is going on in the Community and to communicate with Village Officials.



Utility Billing

Residents of the Village receive a monthly bill from Aqua (see related links) for their water service and separate bill from the Village for their sewer and garbage service.

The following are the rates for these services:

   water facuet Water: Please see your Aqua bill for current rates.  Any questions regarding your water bill, your usage, water meter maintenance or other concerns regarding your water please call: 877-987-2782.

 Current charges are - $12.70 per month flat fee & 
$10.75 per thousand gallons of  usage 
manhole lid These rates are for inside village limits -outside rates are one & half times.

**Senior Citizen Discount is available for sewer users that reside with the Village limits - click for application.  

Scheduled Sewer Rate Increases:    (adopted per ordinance 4/3/17)

Effective Date Basic Flat Charge Use Charge 
5/1/2017 $12.70  $10.75
5/1/2018 $13.05  $11.10
5/1/2019 $13.40 $11.45
5/1/2020 $13.75 $11.80
5/1/2021 $14.10 $12.15
5/1/2022 $14.45 $12.50
5/1/2023 $14.80 $12.85
5/1/2024 $15.15 $13.20
5/1/2025 $15.50 $13.20
5/1/2026 $15.85  $13.90

Summer/Winter  Rates:  6-4-3(B)(2)
"The village recognizes that summer water use often includes activities that do not impact the sewer system, such as landscape watering. For single-family residential sewer users that fall into this category, the village will determine each user's individual six (6) month "low flow" water usage information from the period November through April to determine possible "summer rates" to be applied during the months May through October. Sewer users will be billed based on actual water usage during "low flow" months. The lesser of the actual water usage or the average usage of the "low flow" period will be utilized for each "summer rate" month billing. The specific dates will vary depending upon actual read dates, but will generally fall within the months mentioned above. For new residents or those with no winter usage history available to establish a low flow amount, a minimum of seven thousand (7,000) gallons per month will be used until at least two (2) months of usage history is available. Nonresidential accounts may be considered for "summer rates" if landscape irrigation for the property is connected through the site's only water meter. (Ord. 12-17, 10-15-2012)"

Garbage: $15.60 per month
garbage a j

Recycling Containers are available by calling Village Hall - 815-929-4800.

2018 Recycling Schedule stickers are available at local banks, library and Village Hall. Never miss the scheduled recycling pick-up day again.   Click for copy of 2018 Sticker  

Scheduled Garbage Rate Increases  (per contract with vendor)

Effective Date Monthly Rate
7/1/2017 $16.07
7/1/2018 $16.55
7/1/2019 $17.05
7/1/2020 $17.73
7/1/2021 $18.44
7/1/2022 $19.18

Any question regarding your sewer or garbage bill please call: 815-929-4800
Payments for the Village sewer and garbage bill can be:

  • Mailed
  • Paid in person at the Village Hall
  • Dropped in the drop box located in the Village Hall drive-thru
  • On-line at village website      Click to go to E-Pay
  • Auto-pay (automatically withdraws payment from bank account on due date) See Form below: