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The Manteno Police Department consists of 18 full time sworn officers, 6 crossing Guards, 1 animal control officer, 5 Auxiliary officers and 1 office manager. The Department is equipped with the latest technology and equipment available to Police Departments and all members are highly trained, dedicated and professional.


Crime Stoppers

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Crime Stoppers is a program which involves the public, the media, and the police in the fight against crime. It offers anonymity and cash rewards to persons who furnish information leading to the arrest and the filing of criminal charges against felony crime offenders and to the capture of fugitives.

Anonymity overcomes fear of involvement and cash overcomes apathy.


The Crime Stoppers' Board of Directors is comprised of concerned citizens of the Kankakee County Area who oversee the operation of the program.


Crime Stoppers is a Nonprofit Organization and is funded entirely through donations from the public. Contributions are tax-deductible.


While Crime Stoppers is a police department program, the responsibility for establishing policy, raising funds and for controlling the amount of reward payments rests with a board of directors made up of involved citizens.

crimeWhen a call is received by Crime Stoppers, it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the caller's information. Callers are furnished with a secret code number which is used in subsequent transactions.

Callers may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect their rewards.

If a caller's information results in the arrest and the filing of criminal charges against a felony crime offender or the apprehension of a felony fugitive, contact will be made with the caller and arrangements made so that the person can receive his reward in CASH and preserve his anonymity.

The Board of Directors oversees the program and approves the rewards to be paid, based on information presented by the Police Coordinator.


In order to publicize Crime Stoppers' program and maintain a high profile in the community, a specific unsolved felony crime is selected each week and is described on the local cable television system, by the radio stations, and by the newspaper.

The descriptions by the various media help keep the public interest in Crime Stoppers at a high level and help locate an occasional "casual" witness to the crime who did not realize he or she was actually witnessing a crime.

It is apparent that such complete cooperation and involvement by the various media is of utmost importance, and that the success of Crime Stoppers is in large part dependent upon this kind of community service rendered by the media.