Chief's Message

The Manteno Police Department consists of 18 full time sworn officers, 6 crossing Guards, 1 animal control officer, 5 Auxiliary officers and 1 office manager. The Department is equipped with the latest technology and equipment available to Police Departments and all members are highly trained, dedicated and professional.


Emergency Services

The Manteno Police Department works closely with the Manteno Fire Protection District, along with the Kankakee County Sheriff’s Department ESDA, surrounding communities and businesses to develop detailed procedures and preparations in the case of an emergency or disaster. The Manteno Police Department and the Village of Manteno has a plan in case of a disaster.

Events and Activities of the Department:
Tornado Sirens:
The Village of Manteno currently has four outdoor tornado warning sirens that provide coverage for the Village.tornado It is important to know that these sirens areoutdoor warning sirens; they are not designed to warn people that are inside of structures. The tornado sirens are tested monthly on the first Tuesday of every month. If you do not hear a siren outside on the first Tuesday of the month, or if you have a question concerning the tornado sirens please call the Manteno Police Department at (815) 929-4801. The attached photo shows the coverage of each of the sirens. Click here to view SIREN COVERAGE.

Tornado Shelters:
The St. Joseph Catholic Church (207 S. Main St.) and the Manteno Church of the Nazarene (698 N. Locust St.)have graciously offered their church basements to citizens seeking shelter from tornado alerts. Designated individuals will do their best to open the facilities upon activation of the village alarm system.

AM Radio Notification:
The Manteno Police Department operates an AM radio station for Community Notification and truck route information. The radio station is AM 530.

Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEAs) are available on most smartphones. Check your phone’s notification settings under ‘Government Alerts’ to ensure ‘Emergency Alerts’ is turned on. With a WEA-enabled phone, you will receive tornado and flash flood warnings issued for your location, even if you’re traveling outside your home county or state. Other smartphone alerting apps also are available, including the tornado app by the American Red Cross.

 For more information about preparedness during a disaster or weather threat, visit the following:

 Kankakee County Emergency Management Agency

 Ready Illinois