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mayor nugent sqWelcome to the official Village of Manteno web site. The Village elected officials and Staff work hard to try and make information about the Village of Manteno readily available and easy for our citizens and visitors to access. Manteno is a great Community with a lot to offer and the web site is a great place to explore what is going on in the Community and to communicate with Village Officials.



How do I dispose of yardwaste?

The Village‚Äôs yard waste program, through our garbage company,  begins in April and ends the last Monday in November. Please do not mix your yard waste or grass clippings with your normal trash. You MUST put yard waste and grass clippings in the brown yard bags. You may purchase already labeled bags and stickers at the following locations: CVS Drugstore and Whitmore Ace Hardware. There is a small fee for the already labeled bags and stickers. The stickers are needed if you use an unlabeled brown bag. The refuse company for the village is A&J Disposal 708-748-8381.

***It is against village ordinance to blow grass clippings into the street.

Helpful Hint: If you leave the clippings on your lawn, they will form a thatch which is actually good for your lawn. This thatch acts as a protective barrier that preserves soil and moisture during dry spells, and keeps grass roots healthy as a result.