Hometown Heroes Banner Program

The Village of Manteno is proud to offer this program to honor current or former residents of Manteno who have served or are currently serving our country in a branch of the military.

 List of Banners currently displayed - 2019 

The fee for participation will be $100.00 and will include; banner production and placement by the Village for the time periods described below.

The Village will facilitate production of the banner which will include the veteran’s name and branch of service, and picture if available.

Applicants must provide a photo of the veteran in uniform. The photo will be scanned and returned to the applicant.

Banners will be placed on street light poles throughout the Village at the Village’s discretion.

Banners will be displayed approximately from Memorial Day through Veterans Day for a period of two years.

If requested on the application, banners removed at the end of the two-year display period will be provided to the applicant.

A new application and sponsorship fee will be required to initiate display for a new two-year period. (A new banner will be produced and displayed.)

Applications are available at Village Hall or see below and will be accepted from December 1st through March 31st  each year.

Anyone may purchase or sponsor a Hometown Heroes Banner, provided the application and fee are properly submitted by the deadline.

Banners are reserved for current or former residents of Manteno only.

 Hometown Heroes Banner Application
Hometown Heroes Banner  Brochure.pdf