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mayor nugent sqWelcome to the official Village of Manteno web site. The Village elected officials and Staff work hard to try and make information about the Village of Manteno readily available and easy for our citizens and visitors to access. Manteno is a great Community with a lot to offer and the web site is a great place to explore what is going on in the Community and to communicate with Village Officials.




What exactly is the Manteno TIF? Residents may have heard about TIF-funded
projects and wondered why the village would be spending so much money on
streetscape, downtown cameras or property. Why not spend that money on something we
really NEED—repair streets, build schools, eliminate quarry blasting, provide more
services to the residents? Or for that matter, why not STOP SPENDING and tighten the
belt like most families need to—lower taxes or fees and give the residents a break!?  For more
details see "What is TIF Funding?"

Industrial Park Redevelopment Project Area - TIF
Redevelopment Plan


TIF Finanical Audits
     FY 2010-2011 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2010-2011 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2011-2012 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2011-2012 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2012-2013 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2012-2013 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2013-2014 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2013-2014 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2014-2015 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2014-2015 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2015-2016 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2015-2016 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2015-2016 TIF 3 REPORT

     FY 2016-2017 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2016-2017 TIF 2 REPORT
     FY 2016-2017 TIF 3 REPORT
     FY 2017-2018 TIF 1 REPORT
     FY 2017-2018 TIF 3 REPORT

Illinois TIF Association Link