Brush Pick Up

As you begin your landscaping and outdoor clean-up plans, don’t  forget about the Village’s Branch Collection Program. Starting  in April  through October, village crews will pick up tree branches.     Please see "CALENDAR Tab" for specific dates.

The Village is divided into two routes:  the North Route (north of Division and west of railroad tracks) and the South Route (south of Division and east of the railroad tracks).  The North Route is picked up on the 1st and 3rd full weeks of the month.  The South Route is picked up the 2nd and 4th full weeks of the month.  Crews will only take branches no longer than 5 feet in length. Tree trunks larger than 5 inches in diameter must not be longer than 3 feet in length.

If there is a 5th week in the month, no route will be run.

This brush must not contain any stones, metal, roots, stumps, vines, willow whips, twigs and thorns.

Please stack all brush in neat, one directional piles on the parkway near the curb.  

Cutting and disposal of trees on private property is the sole responsibility of the resident.

PLEASE NOTE:  Branches cut by a professional or hired contractor will not be picked up.  Also, vehicles should not be parked in a way that blocks access to the pile by our village personnel.