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Do's/Don'ts List for Your Recycling Carts

Our recycle program is a fully automated program.  The driver stays in the truck and uses a mechanical arm to pick up and empty the cart.


  • Do place your cart at least 6 feet from mailboxes or trees.
  • Do keep your cart where it is easily accessible.
  • Do place your cart on a level surface, such as your driveway.
  • Do place the cart 3 feet away from the curb.


  • Don't block cart with vehicles
  • Don't place cart too close to obstacles like mailboxes or other garbage cans.

When obstacles are in the way or close to the cart, it makes it difficult for the mechanical arm to reach your cart.  Help avoid this by following the Do's List.

Remember:   When at the curb, cart wheels should be facing your house.

Thank you for your cooperation!!


The following items may be placed in your container to be recycled:

  •   Newspapers, tin, aluminum, glass (clear and colored), Plastic Bottles (#1 or #2), Magazines and Catalogs (shiny, glossy finished pages, phone books, chipboard, carboard and junk mail)  Corrugated Cardboard (empty and flatten)

Please rinse out and remove lids, labels may be left on