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Solicitation Ordinance

Village of Manteno

Solicitor Permit #   11-__

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07/17/08       Complaints call:


All Solicitors are required to file an application for a permit. The Village Clerk's office has 72 hours to review the application and either approve or deny the permit. Once the permit is approved, the solicitor is required to wear a badge that has a photo of the applicant. These badges are good for one day. The fee for a permit is $25.00 per person per year; badges are $1.00 per badge per day. Shown above is a sample as to what a Solicitor’s Badge will look like. All registered solicitors are required to wear one of these badges. If you have any questions or concerns about solicitors please call the Village Hall at 815-929-4800 or the Police Department at 815-929-4801.